Hompath WildFire

Hompath WildFire 11

Hompath WildFire, Homeopathic software

Hompath WildFire, Homeopathic software

Hompath WildFire is world's largest homeopathic database software with 1000 volumes of data, 36 repertories, Complete 2011 repertory, Robin Murphy's 3.0 repertory, 10 millions of symptoms, 5000 cured cases, remedy information of 3000+ remedies, 3000+ clinical tips, 7 expert systems, 5000 articles, keynote information of 1500 remedies, Multimedia of 1500 remedies, Quick compare of materia medica, Quick recording of symptoms using Quick Repertory.

Hompath WildFire, Homeopathic software with World's largest database and best Expert Systems. - Quick, Intelligent, Accurate Symptom Recording Even while patient is giving history, you can record symptoms, repertorize the case, filter the remedies and get the Similimum. Also cross check from Materia Medicae. - Quick Case Record Intelligently stores your patient's history in an easy manner, Record rubrics while patient is narrating history, Record symptoms as rubrics and automatically repertorize. - Repertory Oldest to the newest repertories including Complete Repertory 2011 and Murphy's Clinical Repertory version 3, 36 repertories and 20 special repertories

Cases A colossal anthology of about 5000 treated cases,Learn prescribing methods for acute, chronic, one-sided, difficult or incurable diseases, Cases from pillars - Hahnemann, Kent, Boger etc. and experts - Scholten, Vijayakar, Humranwala, Sehgal etc. - Compare Keynotes Compare and differentiate the two or more remedies in a single window Patient Instructions Advice the patients, in simple language & give printed instructions for them to remember, 615 patient instructions & tips

Expert Systems Understand any case through Temperaments, Predictive method, Periodic table analysis, Sehgal's Revolutionized method, Kentain, Bogerian or Boenninghausen's methods -Remedy Properties Remedy information including common & generic name,

Hompath WildFire


Hompath WildFire 11

User reviews about Hompath WildFire

  • rahul kumar sri

    by rahul kumar sri

    "Worst product i have ever seen"

    Worst product i have ever seen. never download this product..   More.

  • presedent1

    by presedent1

    "If Dr Vijayakar has anything to do with the product it will be rubbish"

    I purchased dr vijayakars expert system  when it first was released & it does not run properly. I have sent 1...   More.